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Buddha, Bangkok, Thailand
Smiling Buddha - Bangkok, Thailand. Photo: Copyright © 2012 Andrea Reinkemeyer

Things Heard, Misunderstood
for Alto Saxophone with Optional Live Processing

  1. Lamentation
  2. InDeet: A Mischievous Mosquito
  3. Quietly, quieting.
Andrea Reinkemeyer (Bangkok, Thailand - 2012)
Dedicated to saxophonist Wisuwat George Pruksavanich
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Wisuwat George Pruksavanich, Alto Saxophone

Program Notes:
Download a PDF of the Program Notes and Andrea's Bio

Things Heard, Misunderstood (2012) for Alto Saxophone with Optional Live Processing is dedicated to Wisuwat George Pruksavanich.

I began writing this piece about one year after moving to Thailand as a way to digest a few of the things I have learned here. Lamentation uses the six-note tune sung boisterously by an elderly man who walks through my neighborhood about once a month. Initially, I believed he was opening his heart through blissful prayer, but he was actually advertising his drain cleaning services. The beauty, and difficulty, of the Thai language is connected with its tonality and the many intricate timbres of the voice. I have reinterpreted his tune as a deploration by infusing it with my own prayers.

InDeet: Mischievous Mosquito is a playful character piece about those pesky, biting insects we all hate.

Quitetly, Quieting. We have visited many wats (temples) in our travels throughout Thailand. A trip can sometimes provide sensory overload, but it is fun to explore all the new sights and sounds (and smells), while attempting to calm your mind. I find the, mostly, peaceful intermingling of faiths throughout this country admirable.


Premiere Performance:

Friday, July 12, 2013 - 7:00 p.m. - $
Concert IX, Siam Saxophone Quartet
Thailand International Composition Festival (TICF)
MACM, Mahidol University College of Music
Wisuwat George Pruksavanich, Alto Saxophone

US Premiere Performance:

Saturday, April 22, 2017 - 12:30 p.m.
Recital, Master of Music
University of North Texas College of Music Recital Hall (Information)
Brian Gault, Alto Saxophone