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Pure Love at Prime Time
for Soprano and Violin
Manu Chander, poetry
Andrea Reinkemeyer, music (2000)
Collaboration for "Words & Music" (The University of Michigan)

Program Notes:

Pure Love at Prime Time (2000) for soprano and violin was written for the Winter 2000, "Words and Music" class taught by William Bolcom and Richard Tillinghast. This class fostered collaboration between poets and composers. Many thanks to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" for providing Manu with an excellent muse!

Pure Love at Prime Time
Her smile is the only light in the apartment:
It stretches from the television, spreads
Across the living room to where he sits
Every Tuesday at this time,  absorbing
Her radiation. 
                     It is eight o'clock, dark
Outside, raining perhaps.  He doesn't notice.

He knows her gestures better than she: the way
Her lips curl, the way her eyebrows coolly
Raise when she turns toward him.  She knows
He sees her, watches him watch her every
Tuesday at eight
                        when it's dark outside,
Raining perhaps, and he's indoors unnoticing.

Tonight like the other nights he moves close
To her, touches the screen where her cheek is.
Tonight like the other nights he whispers,
"I will always love you," while she recites
What she has memorized.
                                      And it's eight
O'clock.  And dark outside.  And raining perhaps.

- Manu Samriti Chander


Premiere Performance:

Saturday, April 22, 2000
Kerrytown Concert House (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
Jennifer Goltz, soprano
Catherine Jang, violin