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Wings to Air
for Flute
  1. What did you say?
  2. Sleep. Rest. Quietly.
  3. Caged
  4. Touching Sky
Andrea Reinkemeyer (Bangkok, Thailand - 2013)
Commissioned by and dedicated to Natalie Haworth-Liu

Program Notes:

Wings to Air (2013) for Flute Solo was commissioned by and is dedicated to Natalie Haworth-Liu who premiered the work on <>day, <<##>> <>, 2014 at the <> (City, State). The piece loosely follows the emotional trajectory of the grieving and healing process.

The first movement weaves together the harsh rhythmic pattern of the spoken phrase, What did you say? with gentle melodic reminders of kind words spoken in the past. This technique acts as a sort of musical bargaining tool. At the core of the second movement, Sleep. Rest. Quietly. is a lullaby I sing to my daughter each evening to nurture and reassure her. Katie M. Berggren’s painting, Healing Me, effectively depicts how parents and children can help each other work through the grieving process.

Caged was inspired by an anonymous painting, which powerfully depicts a woman in a dark room looking out through a heavily paned window to the bright exterior world. For me, this effectively captured the feelings of depression and loneliness, as well as the desire to re-engage with the world, yet lacking the ability to break through. The final movement, Touching Sky, was inspired by birds and freedom. About the time I was starting this movement, I had recently re-read Jane Austen's, Mansfield Park. One of the main subtexts of her work is the secluded life of women and throughout the work, birds serve as a metaphor for freedom. The melodic components in this movement are reminiscent of bird calls to represent working through the grief to find new freedom.

Many thanks to Natalie Haworth-Liu, Melanie Sorenson and Brian Amer for their artistic support. Duration, ca. 11:00


Premiere Performance:

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Natalie Haworth-Liu, flute